#1 Best Seller [BLU Advance] 4.0" Unlocked Dual SIM Phone (White) by BLU

Even smart cell phone has been developed by many giant manufacturers in order to meet beyond expectation of users.

Are you agreeing that million people who hold cellphone with them not know much about all of their cellphone’s functions and features?

Well, I either lack knowledge of cellphone’s product details, particular, technical product description.

Today, I have been spent lot of time searching for the exact of “WVGA” stand for and what it means to me (you too) before writing this article to share you all.

What does it make me to be cleared with it, WVGA?

Well, I have met the BLU …by chance in Amazon’s best sellers in 100 top rank. Notice one its characteristic is designed with “4.0 inch” High Resolution WVGA Display”. Yeap, it is the reason why I have sought for them. Because I did not know at all what it is about.

However, now I made it out the “WVGA stand for Wide Video Graphics Array” and it can be written as Wide VGA either. It classifies cellphone screen like 800 x 480 Prixes, which is for WVGA’s resolution quality.

To compare between WVGA and VGA (Video Grid Array), which is with 640 x 480, the gap of resolution is 160 pixels (800-640), WVGA is much clearer deliver graphics in screen.

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