Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone Slimmer Stronger

Weight Equal to an Apple Fruit Yet Stronger and Smarter Beyond Its Look!

Do not waste your precious time reading this talking about cell phone specification. If you are not looking for very fast cell phone operating and light but strong.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone, the manufacturer research and development engineer have never say we are at the ending of robe for cell phone technology development!

Every day, product development engineers usually work together to find out the best solution of cell phone new prototype for launching the great smarter cell phone device.

They do the product samples and testing them in many different ways in contrast such as in hot and cool temperature, dry and wet climate, minimize and maximize drop test, high-pressure test, etc. Then the mass production will be kick-off if all the tests are passed.

Why does mobile phone being tested so tough before spreading to the market worldwide?

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The answer is kept by the whether news reporter. Every day he/she tells us about the global climate situation. They give us forecast information or the real status happening across the world such as:

Today is Tuesday, 17 August 2013. Let us check the whether around the world.

Atlanta1927CloudyCloudyClimatological Information of Atlanta
Boston714FineFineClimatological Information of Boston
Calgary919CloudyCloudyClimatological Information of Calgary
Chicago1023FineFineClimatological Information of Chicago
Winnipeg1326FineFineClimatological Information of Winnipeg

Here is the relevance of why cell phones are tested before mass production and distribute to customers.

All cell phones will be distributed to every part of the world which each region has the different atmosphere. Even in the same area, sometimes the temperature switch from hot to cold, from dry to wet, clear skies become heavy rain,

In order to make sure that those mobile phones can bear in various circumstances.

Hence, Samsung Galaxy S IV/S4 GT-I9500 Factory Unlocked Phone - International Version (Black Mist) is not just only smarter fully features weight slightly as one of apple fruit but also stronger as sleek material made of.

Producing’s purpose is for luxury look yet stronger for heavy duty and/or accidental occurrences.

This Unlocked Cell Phones’ features are running with most efficient system. It contains with full application tool for present day use.

Do you use mobile phone for Facebook as social network? Do you open your mailbox in smart phone?

Already manufacturing-built in with a larger screen (5 inches Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED touch-enabled display) and improved longer battery life.

For more detail please take a look specification following:

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