Apple / Android Devices- [PowerGen] 3.1 Amps / 15W Dual USB Car Charger

Hello friend, does anyone looking for the best charger for particular use for Apple / Android Devices and more?

If yes, here below is product invention detail from -PowerGen that is launched to absorb it.

Product Brief:

1. Dual Port Design, one Apple Devices and one port for Non-Apple Mobile phones or other devices.

2. Input: 12-24V 1000mA; Output: DC 5V 3.1A or 15W (Shared by two ports)

3. PowerGen Dual Port 15W / 3.1A USB Car Charger charges for many devices.

4. Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection.

5. Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices / Easy-to-see LED confirms.

6. Product Dimensions: 3 x 0.9 x 1.3 inches; 1.1 ounces

7. Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces

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Product review:

1. Dual Port Design:

Main idea of product design focus in for all multiple usage not just only for Apple devices but also other brand of product that having the same in range of features. One port for Apple Devices and other one for Non-Apple cell phones. It can be used for any devices if it’s designed for international consumer.

2. Input:12-24V 1000mA; Output: DC 5V 3.1A or 15W:

Two ports share electricity power together while charging.

3. Dual Port 15W / 3.1A USB Car Charger:

The PowerGen car charger is capable for charging various devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, HTC, MP3 Players, Cameras, PDAs and cell phones like Blackberry, GPS, MP4, Amazon Kindle, Portable-WIFI, tablets Android…

4. PowerGen car charger devices:

Designed to stop automatically once battery is fully charged. The sophisticated circuit has particularity protection in over-heated, over-charging and over-power’s current. User is safe away from electric shock. So don’t worry if sometimes forgetting to un-plug it when it’s charged completely full. 1 year warranty limited replacement included.

5. The LED confirms:

Led to show how USB charger is still connected firmly with current power port. Existing USB charging cables can be charged most USB powered devices. Here is the list of usb port capable for iPad @ 2 Ampere Max. iPhone / iPod Touch @ 1 Ampere Max. / Tablet etc. @ 0.5 to 3.1A Ampere Max, GPS…

6. Product Dimensions:

W-3 x L-0.9 x H-1.3 In. and weight 1.1 Oz. is the size for using and placing in box easily and lightly.

7. Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces:

This information is from shopping online site. Other stores may have varied size and weight.

Notify: Product may NOT compatible with Motorola Xoom, Asus transformer, HP TouchPad and some Blackberry & Motorola cell phones.

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    1. Thanks for your words and glad to hear that my article is useful for you..:)


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