Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) Verizon 9.3 MM. Thinness As Little Finger!

Why does the article say the Thinness Size As Same As A Little Finger Of Man The "Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) Verizon? 

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This model came out with 30 times stronger than the usual plastic of front and back. It’s just 9.3 mm. thin of the iPhone 4.

What is the reason for proving that such existence?

Here they are:

It’ is made of Aluminosilicate glass, the stuff that windshields of military choppers.

1. The periphery is customized alloy, 5 times stronger than steel. Any of your accidental dropping will never harm your pocket communicator.

2. The Retina Display packs in 4 times the amount of pixels (326 per inch) of previous model [iPhone 3], and makes the text and images slicing sharp.

3. It added 960 x 640 pixel screen watching of HD movies on the iPhone 4 that becomes a gasp.

4. When you become a shutterbug behind the iPhone 4 camera, you shoot 5 megapixel images and high-definition videos at 720 p. resolution, with the LED flash and auto-focus that make things easier.

Opt for the iMovie video editing software, and you become a movie maker. If you happen to have Wi-Fi around, the Face-Time feature gets you into true worldwide video chat and 'keeping in touch' becomes real personal. And all it takes to choose between the front and rear camera is a tap.

The 3-axis gyro, when coupled with accelerometer, results in 6-axis motion sensing, and that's great for gaming on a cell phone as you have ever played.

The iPhone 4 packs in enough power to let you do fast multitasking and then some more as you desire. Because it’s with 7 hours of talk time (3G), 10 hours of video and 40 hours of audio.

• Size 16 GB
• Dimensions: 2.5 x 0.5 x 4.5 inches ; 8 ounces
• Shipping Weight: 12 ounces (Information from

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