Samsung Galaxy S III Mini I8190 8GB Android 4.1 OS, super Amoled Touch

The great cell phone in this era with blue color unlocked GSM with Android 4.1 OS, Touchscreen, Super AMOLED , 5M, Dual Core.

The 4 inches cell phone that I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking for such the phone size for hold handily, good looks, rush speed, etc.

This model is designed as needed for the internal 8 gigabytes memory and 121.55 mm. height, 63 mm. width.

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Cell phone is with the battery capacity (mAh) 1500mAh, the standard Li-ion Battery from SAMSUNG that  the latest Lithium Ion battery technology.

It 's giving you the best performance and find easily in all most mobile phone and accessory. Just in case as needed for changing the new one in the future. It's in the market and reasonable price. Lithium Ion batteries are designed for SAMSUNG mobile phone to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power, specifically battery capacity 500mAh.

Size dimension is: 4.79 inches, 0.39 inches, 2.48 inches[L.W.H] and 3.84 ounces weight.

Description, this Galaxy S III mini GT-I8190 cell phone model is designed with a 4-inch screen featuring Super AMOLED display that enhance view of the contents, multimedia and websites.

Anyone who owned it will satisfy. Because it is being spread widely into the product of socialism who love Samsung cell phone.

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